• 100% Certified Authentic

VA Premier Pawn Guarans all luxury items to be 100% authentic. We use the latest most advanced technology to guarantee all gold watches and handbags are authentic and conflict-free!

no credit check, no hassle,
fast cash loans from $5 to $15,000

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Pawn Loan Interest Rates In The Area

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What Services We Provide

Looking to shop, sell, or simply interested in a cash loan? Here at VA Premier Pawn, we specialize in the latest electronics, designer handbags, jewelry and gold. Are you planning to get rid of some unused goodies? Make sure you bring them over to us so we can inspect and offer you the best deal on your items. We offer a wide range of services whether you want to buy or sell.

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About Us

Over 10 Years ago, VA Premier PAWN set out to revolutionize the pawn industry one customer at a time. We are dedicated to serving our community. Whether you are shopping, selling or looking for an instant cash loan, We are your pawnshop. Come by one of our clean & Friendly Showrooms today!

Here at VA Premier PAWN, we aim to raise the standard of the pawn industry. Firstly, our communities’ wellbeing is first in mind. Second, we strive to leave a legacy of a revolutionized pawn experience. Finally, we Focus on ethical service, friendly staff, and putting people first.

We also have a Top Google Reviews rating with 500+ reviews. In addition, we have a 5 Star Facebook Rating! Because we are a high-end pawn shop. Furthermore, we are a knowledgeable and highly trusted business with great customer service.

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