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Annual Shining Light Homes Angel Tree Fundraiser: Support Single Moms This Christmas
angel tree fundraiser

As the festive season approaches, the spirit of giving and sharing becomes more pronounced. VA Premier Pawn has once again partnered with Shining Light Homes this year for the annual Angel Tree Fundraiser, a heartwarming initiative designed to make Christmas merrier for single mothers in our local community.

What is the Angel Tree Fundraiser?

The Angel Tree Fundraiser is a special event that has become a tradition here at VA Premier Pawn. Each year, we set up a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in our store and collect donations throughout the holiday season.

How Does It Work?

Participation is simple yet impactful. For just $25, you can sponsor an “angel”. Your donation goes directly towards buying Christmas gifts for the children of these courageous single moms. These gifts are not just toys or clothes; they represent a message of support, love, and community spirit.

Single mothers often face unique challenges, balancing work, childcare, and household responsibilities without a partner’s support. The holiday season can amplify these challenges, creating a gap between the festive joy all around and the stress of managing on a single income. Our Angel Tree Fundraiser aims to bridge this gap, bringing smiles to families who might otherwise struggle to celebrate.

How to Get Involved

Getting involved is easy:

  1. Visit our store: Come to our store anytime during business hours (M-Sat. 10 AM – 6 PM)
  2. Sponsor an Angel: Make a $25 donation to one of our associates to sponsor.
  3. Spread the Word: Share the fundraiser with friends and family. The more people participate, the more single mothers we can support!

Join Us in Making a Difference

This holiday season, let’s come together to support the single mothers in our community in partnership with Shining Light Homes. Your participation in the Angel Tree Fundraiser can turn a simple Christmas into a magical one for a family in need. Let’s light up lives with the spirit of giving. Join us in making this Christmas in making someone’s holiday a little bit brighter!

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