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Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Mother's Day Sale

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (this Sunday, May 14, to be exact!) and VA Premier Pawn has quite a few options that make for a perfect gift for the mothers in your life. Check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide, which includes a little something to fit every budget.

  1. Wristlet Wallet – Wristlet wallets are small and compact, and are perfect for keeping all the basic essentials that are needed without the bulk of a purse. Available in all sizes and colors, you can find popular brands like Kate Spade and Michael Kors for under $50 in most pawn shops.
  2. Medical Kit – Let’s face it–emergencies happen! A medical kit is an essential item that everyone should have stashed away in both their home and car in case of the unexpected. Most basic trauma kits, including what we keep in stock at VA Premier Pawn, retail for $42, and include burn gel, safety pins, pain relievers, BZK antiseptic wipes, 1″ tape, latex tourniquet, bandage strips, ammonia inhalants, bleedstop bandage, butterfly closure strips, EMT shears, 4×4 gauze, abdominal pads, tweezers, and gloves. If you want a more advanced kit, such as a Patrol Trauma or Rapid Response kit, you are looking at more options in your pack that include sutures and cat tourniquets–these range upwards to $150.
  3. K.E.R.T Keychain – The K.E.R.T (Keyring Emergency Rescue Tool) is another great option for the practical gift-giver! These pocket-sized key rings will help you stay prepared for those unfortunate and unexpected situations by attaching directly to your keychain. Not only does it have a razor-sharp seatbelt cutter, but it also includes a screwdriver, oxygen tank opener, bottle opener, and 1/4″ hex wrench. These are also great for those on a low budget, as they retail for $15.
  4. Self-Defense Knife – Another great self-defense item is the KA-Bar Original TDR Knife ($66). Designed specifically for close-quarters self-defense by John Benner, founder and owner of Tactical Defense Institute, it comes with a black metal clip that can be worn on the belt. Be sure to check with your state’s knife laws, as some have restrictions on what can and cannot be open and conceal carried.
  5. Apple AirPods – AirPods are a great practical gift for those ladies on the go. The small, compact nature are great for the gym or traveling, and are a good lower-to mid-budget gift ranging from $99 – $190 in your local pawn shop.
  6. Apple Watch – For those that may want to still lean on the more practical side of gifts but are looking to spend a little more on their special someone, an Apple watch is a good choice due to its many options and features that can be used daily. From monitoring your heart rate and workouts, to fall detection, to being able to stay connected through the cellular network, these range from $160 – $300 in most pawn shops*, depending on the series.
  7. Mirrorless Camera – DSLR are out and mirrorless are in! For those ladies that are hobby photographers, a nice mirrorless camera, such as the Nikon AW1, is a great gift option for those mid-range budget gifters at $649.95.
  8. MacBook – With the increasing popularity of work-from-home jobs and small-business owners, a MacBook is a practical solution in the mid-high budget range. Pawnshops see a variety of computers, and most only take in new and like-new items that are a fraction of the cost you would buy new or used/refurbished from the Apple store (most can be snagged for around $500 -$800).
  9. Gemstone Necklace – Gemstone jewelry is a popular and mid-range budget gifting option, and even better if you know your person’s birth month to match their birthstone. From the red hues of garnet to the ocean-blue depths of sapphire, you can’t go wrong with this low-to-mid budget choice. Options range from $50 and up.
  10. Firearm – Guns are for girls, too! Whether you are looking for personal concealed protection or home security, we have several options to choose from in our store. Glock, Sig Sauer, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Ruger…and many more new and used firearms are available beginning at $200.
  11. Diamond Tennis Bracelet – This popular article of jewelry is simple, yet elegant, and is a versatile accessory that can be worn formally or more casually. (Fun fact: the tennis bracelet gets its name from an incident at the 1987 US Open tournament involving female pro-tennis player, Chris Evert, who famously served a ball to her opponent and with it, threw off her bracelet. Officials had to stop the match to help her find it, thus was born the tennis bracelet!). Shopping at your local pawn shop or secondhand jewelry store for will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, as they price inventory closer to wholesale, whereas big-box retailers significantly mark up their inventory. Dependent on style and caret, these will run you anywhere from $500 and up.
  12. Diamond Earrings – You can not go wrong with a pair of diamond studs. These can be worn with anything and have a variety of styles to fit every budget, ranging from $100 on up into the thousands.
  13. Luxury Handbag – Handbags are both a practical AND more extravagant gift option, so why not settle on the best of both worlds?! Pawn shops are the best place to shop for luxury handbags, as you can find brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Saint Laurent, Prada, and Chanel for a fraction of the cost typically found retail stores. The staff at VA Premier Pawn are trained to use best practices, combined with the latest AI technology from Entrupy, to authenticate every item that comes in. For our environmentally-conscious consumers, buying luxury handbags from a secondhand source supports sustainable shopping, considering it take 17,128 liters of water to make a single leather handbag. Prices vary depending on the brand, style, and size, but typically range from $300 – $1,200.
  14. Diamond Ring – Whether you are looking to upgrade or add to that ring finger, diamond engagement rings are the ultimate gift to celebrate love on love day! Not on the market for an engagement ring? No problem–there are many other diamond ring options that aren’t made for the ring finger, such as this gorgeous art deco princess cut diamond ring from Thomas Estate Jewelry. Prices vary dependent on a number of factors, but will typically range from $400 – $1,400.

*All electronics sold at VA Premier Pawn have been tested and vetted to ensure proper working order and are in very good used to new cosmetic condition.

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