• 100% Certified Authentic

VA Premier Pawn Guarans all luxury items to be 100% authentic. We use the latest most advanced technology to guarantee all gold watches and handbags are authentic and conflict-free!

Spring Clean with Us!
spring cleaning

Out with the old and in with the new is a saying that goes hand-in-hand with cleaning. With spring in full bloom, VA Premier Pawn hosted their annual Spring Cleaning sale to help move out older inventory and make room for–you guessed it–new items!

Since we’ve done our part, it’s now your turn. What better motivation to spring-clean your household than doing so to earn some extra cash in your pocket. VA Premier Pawn is more than happy to take your items and pay you in return. Do you have broken jewelry that you’ve never gotten repaired, barely-used electronics that have been collecting dust, or you’ve uncovered a box full of old coins? Bring them to us! 

Here is a complete list of items we buy, so you can keep them in mind when doing your spring cleaning:

  • gold and diamond jewelry
  • firearms
  • Apple products
  • luxury handbags
  • designer brand watches
  • high-end electronics such as televisions, laptops, tablets, PCs, game consoles, cameras, drones, etc.
  • gold & silver Bullion
  • coins

Not sure if your item fits the bill? Feel free to give us a call (757-488-0383) and we can let you know or visit our Facebook page and send us a quick message. 

At VA Premier Pawn, any item being considered will have its value determined by researching the current appraised value, the item’s condition, and the ability to sell the item. If an item is in good working condition, free of cracks or blemishes, you will receive the highest market value and leave our store with cash in hand. Let the spring cleaning commence!

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