• 100% Certified Authentic

VA Premier Pawn Guarantees all luxury items to be 100% authentic. We use the latest most advanced technology to guarantee all gold watches and handbags are authentic and conflict-free!

The Leading Choice For Cash-For-Gold In Hampton Roads

While there are many imitators in the area, VA Premier Pawn is the best cash-for-gold company in the greater Hampton Roads. We are a full-service gold dealer, not just a pawn shop! Many of our competitors try to mimic our business model. Unfortunately, they fall short. This is due to the lack of knowledge–a knowledge we’ve developed over the last 10 years–and lack of experience that we possess. 

When considering selling your items, you need to find someone you can trust. VA Premier Pawn is the area’s most trusted dealer! We deal with many items such as jewelry, estate jewelry, scrap gold, diamonds, coins, antique jewelry, silver flatware, and more. 

We will work with you to get you the most money for your items. Our expertly trained team will use their resources to be able to develop the best offer possible for your precious metal items. 

All of your items will be treated with care as if they were our own. To make it easier and more comfortable for you, we assess your items in-store. There are no minimum weight requirements for free estimates. We want to make your gold and estate jewelry liquidation process quick and painless! 

Each item you have will be addressed separately. This allows you to decide piece-by-piece on which items you may wish to part with. 

So, when contemplating what to do with your precious metal or estate valuables, consider VA Premier Pawn. When searching for a gold buyer, we are here to serve you and get you the best cash for gold possible. 

Best Cash for Gold in Hampton Roads | VA PREMIER PAWN SHOP 

We’re raising the standards of the pawn industry by leading in our commitment to our pristine showrooms, expert staff, and people-centered customer service. As a result, we have over 500 Top Google Reviews and a 5-Star Facebook Rating.

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